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Knee Sleeve – COMING SOON

Coming Soon for you to offer your patients. Utterly amazing quality braces for the knees, ankles, wrist, hands and more. Each brace individually boxed for easy display. Great pricing as well, so these one of kind designed/engineered braces, will allow everyone to win. Your patients will appreciate having such quality braces available that day from your practice.

Finally, as a Veteran, and one of the founders of the very awesome Shots for Soldiers Charity, we will be donating a portion of each sale and actual braces, to this very worthy 501c3, where with our DPC partners, we have helped over 275 veterans to date!

Bid Farewell To Joint Pain With Our Groundbreaking new Patriot Braces!

Having played high level Football, served in the Military, trained for years in Martial Arts and spent many years Farming/Ranching, “I truly understand joint pain.”  Having had three knee surgeries to date on one knee to no avail, this brace is necessary for me daily.  I have spent a lot of money on every kind of knee brace you can imagine, that never quite worked. But that has now changed!

They say necessity is the mother of all inventions. Having two shared Patents, I’ve always been one to ask how can I do it better? I set out to create what I think are the best braces money can buy. Over the last three months I have worked with engineering to create a series of braces you can comfortably wear all day, with tremendous support on both sides and easy to kneel on without pain, yet you almost forget they are on. Never bunches up, no crazy steel straps or thin padding, just a great product.

As we know, knee pain becomes more common as you age from simple wear and tear. Years of walking, running, sports, military and routine activities can cause the joint to weaken and become prone to swelling, pain and inflammation.

Our new advanced Patriot Brace technology works harmoniously with the body’s natural reflexes to optimize blood circulation throughout the knee and leg area with additional tremendous support built in. This promotes the consistent delivery of oxygen to the muscles, effectively alleviating inflammation, swelling, soreness, and discomfort. Acts as great injury preventative as well. Also work great in support of our PRP products before and after injections.

Our Mission
Inspired by innovation and affordability, Pat’s passion led him to found Patriot Medical Services, a name that represents his love of country for all people, to build a team that shares his vision for accessible, science-backed medical devices.

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